First Day of Spring Snow

“Wait, I thought you were on a diet?” “Um, I’ll start tomorrow.” These words, or ones very similar, have been spoken on countless occasions in my life. The best late plans….well, you know. Procrastination is definitely one of my character flaws and while I can pretend that I work well under pressure, the last minute rush is stressful. I used to joke that if it wasn’t for homeroom, I would not have graduated from high school. Sadly, I more or less continued this pattern until 23rd grade, albeit without homeroom. My default is laziness.


When I realized that my winter running base was not a solid as I hoped and the spring races were approaching, the first day of spring seemed like a perfect time to hit start up again. I marked it on the calendar and planned to get out for an early six mile run.  I laid my running shoes out the night before as a friendly reminder. The alarm sounded at 5:30am and I peeked out the window…snow. Ugg! Ok, back to the warm bed for another 30 minutes…the second day of spring will be a perfect time to start.


I am reminded today of a poem that hung on the wall in my grandmother’s house. I could not find the author but it was written before 1909. Perhaps you need to hear its message as much as I do.


If you have work to do,
Do it now,
Today the skies are clear and blue,
Tomorrow clouds may come in view
Yesterday is not for you,
Do it now.
If you have a song to sing
Sing it now.
Let the tones of gladness ring
Clear as the song of a bird in spring
Let each day some music bring
Sing it now.
If you have some kind words to say,
Say them now.
Do some kindness while you may,
Loved ones will not always stay,
Say them now.
If you have a smile to show
Show it now.
Make hearts happy, roses grow,
Let friends around you know
The love you have before they go,
Show it now.


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