The Funambulist Feat & Big Feet

My workout partner kept falling at the gym this week while doing standing quad stretches. “How are you staying so steady? How big are your feet?” he asked. I explained that it was not my size 12 shoes that helped me balance but the fact that I kept my eyes fixed on a stationary spot during the stretches. That is apparently how funambulists (awesome word for tight-rope walkers) keep from falling. They stay focused on the pole or other non-moving point so as to not be distracted by camera flashes and noise.

This image has been fresh in my mind during the busy holiday season. Balancing the time for training and the rest of life’s responsibilities is not easy. Add a child or two, a pet, an elderly parent, gift shopping, an illness, and any hope of social time and free moments are counted in minutes and not hours. We strive to fit everything in (Hello, early morning workout. Good afternoon, lunch run) but it can feel like running on ice; we aren’t really getting anywhere.

This same principal can be applied to our relationship with God – the absolute constant in our lives. How to “fit” spiritual time in? Bringing God into all matters helps keep a healthy perspective when we feel stretched and pulled by obligations and circumstances. These days I need to frequently stop myself and ask, “Is this worth stressing over?” I can flounder when I try to make God fit rather than be a foundation. Fortunately, having an omnipresent God allows for check-ins from the moment I awake to the frustrating traffic jams to the lovely 4:35 pm sunset. These moments help me stay focused and balanced. I also must accept that the perfect balance probably won’t exist save for brief moments. If I can keep from completely falling amid the noise and chaos of the day, then mission accomplished.

Special thanks for Alaskan photographer Dan Bailey for permission to use his photo. Dan is a professional with an eye for capturing beauty. Check out his blog for some great outdoor photo tips or just to be inspired to get outside and celebrate life. You can spend hours looking at his photos. Thanks in part to his stunning photos, I am vacationing in Alaska next summer.


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