Stark Reality

To some extent, everyone is slightly delusional. We can fool ourselves into thinking that we are world class athletes, supermodel good-looking, fabulously wealthy, and indispensably important to our work, friends, and family. If we are honest with ourselves, this probably is not the case. A small percentage of us achieve to that level and the cemeteries, as they say, are full of indispensable people.

Reality always rears its head in time and shatters our distorted view of self. When we are confronted with facts, figures, and undeniable truth, it can sting. For instance, I recently saw my photos from a September wedding and realized how I have grown…a second chin! The photos showed a different reality from what I thought to be true. As I hit the gym last night, I nonetheless felt a sense of freedom, happiness, peace, and serenity. Why? Well, I need to “tighten up” on exercise and proper eating. I need to schedule exercise back into my day because it is not happening on its own. I need to plan ahead on healthy meals since I tend to thoughtlessly grab junk food for convenience and speed. Until I saw myself in those photos, I did not realize how urgent the need to change actually was.

As I wrote above, by the “reality” of the world’s standards most of us are lacking. Through the eyes of faith, however, we can see an authentic reality. The fact that I am not a world class athletes does not mean that my 20 pull ups last night weren’t meaningful; a few years ago I could not do more than two! I am not the most handsome guy nor fabulously wealthy, but I am valued and loved by family and friends who enrich my life beyond measure. And finally, in the eyes of God I AM indispensably important since He created me and sustains me. This is reality. One that is not limited to a small percentage. Accepting and understanding the “real me” is the first step to growth.


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