A Firm Foundation

Even without a race in the foreseeable future, many runners like to keep a proper running base. This foundation helps lowers the chance of injury, maintain muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance, and keeps one’s restarting point from hitting zero. I keep a 20-30 mile-a-week foundation to be ready for tougher workouts; it also allows me to eat pizza and hamburgers with less guilt (Yes, I am one of those people)! Yet like my friend who never diets but persistently eats moderate, healthy meals, the firm mileage foundation is what keeps me centered. Running is my therapy, stress-relief, downtime, reflection period, and relaxation time. When I feel a cold coming on, I run and it seems to knock it out of my system. When I am tired, I am recharged with a quick jog. The base helps me stay “in the center of the boat” and helps me quickly bounce back from troubles.~

The concept of a “firm foundation” applies to our spiritual lives as well. A strong connectedness with God is rooted in our prayer life. We pray in different ways – saying thanks and sorry, praising God, and asking for help – each prayer is inviting God into our lives and implicitly expressing a desire to be a part of the divine. This is crucial for our relationship and creates the firm foundation that keeps us steady. No one truly values a friend who only shows up when they need something. Our relationship with God should be stronger than the mere foxhole prayer. God is neither a Santa Claus who just gives us stuff nor a trampoline that only helps us bounce back when we fall. God is the foundation of all and our prayer should reflect that reality. At funerals it is usually clear who has the foundation of faith because these folks mourn differently. They may cry like everyone else but there is not a hopeless panic that accompanies many who have not had an active faith. Steadiness in our relationship with God, like in running, is itself a reward.


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