Starting Line

Running has always been a part of my life. From a young age, my brothers and I would run around the yard and soon moved to sprinting around the neighborhood with our friends.  We would move like herds from the woods of the “common ground” to the empty field behind the houses.  The field has long been developed and most of the neighborhood kids have their own children now, but the love of running instilled in those days remains with me. This blog is created to share with the world my love of running. For some, the sport seems torturous and believe that one should only run when being chased.  I used to feel the same way and recall thinking one day during middle school track, “If I die and go down, the devil will make me run laps!”  Obviously, my thoughts have evolved in the past 25 years.  I have since run a dozen marathons, including the Boston, Chicago, New York, and the Marine Corp. in Washington, D.C.

Why another blog? Well, folks have asked me why I like running so much and this blog is created for them.  Perhaps in the entries here, the enthusiasm of a seasoned runner will inspire them in some small way.


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